Joël Rollinger

Joël Rollinger was born in Luxembourg on September 15, 1986 and graduated from the art section of the Lycée technique des Arts et Métiers.

After studying architecture in Trier, he started as a professional artist in 2015.

From a very young age, Joël has always shown a great interest in art, especially urban art and little by little, he evolved from traditional graffiti to mural painting, developing a personal style also found in his paintings.

His paintings are characterised by playful proportions, accentuated outlines and large colored surfaces.

To achieve this, the artist uses a wide range of media ranging from canvas, cardboard, metal and wood plates, and entire facades. He currently enjoys working with figures.

In terms of painting materials, he mostly uses aerosol sprays, as well as acrylics, wax and paint for the murals.

Joel Rollinger