His first experiments with spray paint date back to 1993, but it wasn't until 1995 that he began painting the letters STICK. That's the time when he really became active and started taking his passion seriously.

In his painting, Stick explores the many visual possibilities around his name. His work his full of codes and stylistic elements not always obvious to the inexperienced eyes. From 1998 to 2003, he lived in Brussels, studying visual art. In this period, he started to paint but he always remained rooted to the graffiti world, heritage of the 60s & 70s New York.

After his studies, he decided to return to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. His recent artworks aim to unveil the rules of the urban culture. His work is now in his studio and out in the street. His work – be it on canvas, wood or other supports - is more detailed and the lettering is not the main focus any more, however, he still uses graffiti as the main language, playing with its forms and lines.

Each layer is full of emotions and constitutes part of the language that Stick uses to communicate with the public.

Frank Jons