10 years Accelerating Biomedicine

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Thomas Iser
The brain is the most intriguing and complex organ of the human body. As the center of the nervous system, it controls all vital bodily functions and enables thinking, speaking, decision-making, the coordination of movements as well as perception and reaction to sensory input. Many aspects of the brain’s function in health and disease are still poorly understood.
Fun facts about the brain
Fun facts about the brain
For 10 years, the LCSB has been bringing together the best “brains” from all over the world to solve today’s burning questions about brain diseases. Some of our talents have studied biology or medicine, others mathematics, computer science or physics. Combining people with different backgrounds and expertise into one interdisciplinary team creates more than the sums of its part and helps us find creative solutions to complex problems. Let us take you on a journey through the brain and how we do research to solve its diseases!
Some of LCSB's interdisciplinary PhD students
Some of LCSB's interdisciplinary PhD students ©scienceRelations
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